Diploma in Dental Assistant

About the program

Diploma in Dental Assistant is a one-year (two semester) course. A career as a Dental Assistant is one of the important roles in the healthcare industry, where teamwork is crucial to the success of medical procedures. As a Dental Assistant, ensuring that all the necessary steps are taken prior to, during and after a dental procedure to guarantee a smooth and successful operation. It is their responsibility to ensure that all the medical equipment are sterilized and are in proper working condition. As part of the role, they must communicate with the patient, confirming the date and time of appointments assuring the patients of different procedures along with other important tasks. Also they can do X-Ray, in-clinic lab works etc.

The number of skilled and qualified professionals as Dental Assistants are lacking and with dental requirements increasing, so does the need for Dental Assistants for a smoother and more successful operation of dental clinics.


Course Duration:

1 Year (Two Semesters)